Podcast Episodes

  • Artificial Intelligence and Disability, TechCrunch Mixtape podcast (Episode 3.5, 19 December 2020)
  • Reading by Ear, Adaptive (20 April 2016)

Selected Interviews (Print and Video)

  • interviewee, “Can We Identify a Person from their Voice?” IEEE Spectrum (April 2023)
  • interviewee, “Disability Drives Innovation,” The On Tech Newsletter, New York Times (October 2021)
  • The Telephone Wars, The Machines that Built America Series, History (August 2021)
  • The Listener and the Machine: an interview with Mara Mills and Jonathan Sterne, SpokenWeblog (May 2021)
  • Interview with Mara Mills, Xiaochang Li, Jessica Feldman, and Michelle Pfeifer, Machine Listening, a curriculum (March 2021)
  • TOUTE TECHNOLOGIE RELÈVE D’UNE MANIÈRE OU D’UNE AUTRE DE L’ASSISTANCE: Interview with Mara Mills, Syntone (January 2019)
  • Beyond Braille: A History of Reading By Ear, NYU Stories (29 January 2015)